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Recently i became self-employed and started working through teaching agencies as a full-time supply teacher.

I was enroled with several agencies and one day 'The Giant Group' rang me up asking if for £17 a week i would be interested in my wages going through them so they could sort out taxes and insurance, even claiming money back.

I said i wasn't sure so they sent me an e-mail which i didn't bother reading!! I had a numerous amount of missed calls and messages from giant asking for me to confirm everything with them which i wasn't intrested in doing so i didnt respond to the messages.

On the friday i got home and went onto my internet banking to make sure i got paid. I hadn't recieved anything from 'Balfor education' which was my agency so i decided to ring them up and see where my money was???

They told me that 'Giant' had sent a confirmation e-mail stating that i want my wages to go through them!!

I rang up 'Giant' very disappointed and they said they would look into it and ring me back shortly. They didnt so i rang them back and the phone lines were closed.

I sent them feedback on the website about my disappointment and they have till failed to get back in touch with me again. So i then rang them back, nothing has yet been sorted!!!


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Manchester, England, United Kingdom #804044

I'm an IT professional and with the imminent start of a short term contract after many months of unemployment I jumped at the chance of starting but required an Umbrella Company to process my pay/income. After a rushed call with somebody from Giant the day before I started on the contract I thought all would be fine.

It took about a week to get "registered" on the company portal so I could enter expenses & other information and then I started finding problems. They wouldn't email me to the "work" email address and would insist on ringing me if I registered dissatisfaction with the company. A day before my assignment ends they message me to ask about work I intend to do after the assignment. Hidden in the T's & C's is a "tie-down" to this supposedly service to contractors which means I am supposed to stay with them for at least 4 weeks.

If I decide to submit "empty" time-sheets they supposedly send me a out-of-contract payment. As this was not mentioned during the initial phone call and I have signed no printed contracts I'm hopeful they won't attempt to force me to stay unless they want a fight. Other contractors I've been working with are similarly upset about their practices.

Unsurprisingly they appear to be part of a US Company with some rather devious business practices. Essentially you are being tied into a "zero-hours" contract and effectively making yourself unable to register as unemployed or claim benefits.

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